Recently released Government statistics show that Agricultural and Construction premises suffer from some of the highest rates of crime in the UK – between 21-24% of all agricultural and construction premises have experienced some form of crime, with vandalism, theft, burglary and assault being the most frequent.

It makes sense, then, to make sure that your premises are properly secured, both for your own safety and that of your employees and clients. As we all know, having proper security in place can also have a positive effect on your insurance premiums, and besides that nobody wants to deal with the expense, stress and time that is often spent resolving criminal incidents that take place on your premises. Although this sounds bleak, there are plenty of potential options to help you make your business (and the people who are in it) safe and protected.

Wireless Security

Wireless Security Systems such as our WASP System are increasingly popular solutions to premises security. They work very simply – if an intruder is detected on your premises, a CCTV image will be sent to your security provider, allowing them to make a decision on how to proceed. These type of systems are very flexible, and are ideal if there is a large amount of ground to be covered at your site. If you have a security guard present, a text can be sent to his phone allowing him to quickly determine the nature and area of the incident and secure the property.

Physical Deterrents

One of the best ways to deter intruders from your property is to make it unappealing or difficult to enter in the first place, and physical deterrents are a great way to do this. Roller shutters, collapsible gates and retractable grills will all make a potential intruder’s life much harder, and having them present means that he is far more likely to by-pass your premises. Steel doors and security cages are also an excellent way of securing your goods or equipment, again adding an extra layer of security that will make your property far less interesting to opportunistic thieves and vandals.

Security Guards


Security Guards not only provide a deterrent to criminals, but also offer peace of mind to your employees and clients. Particularly in construction and agriculture, where very high value equipment and plant is the norm, it can be very reassuring to know that you have a human being on site dedicated to ensuring the safety of your property. As mentioned before, they can also tie in with your other security measures and make sure that your CCTV and other wireless solutions are functioning and if one of them does flag and incident, make sure that it is responded to quickly and efficiently.

The Best Solution?

Ensuring that your security measures are highly visible and in force at all times will contribute to keeping criminals away from your property, plant and stock. Ideally, the best solution is a combination of all three of these measures, working alongside one another, to give you the highest level of security possible – physical measures will ensure that high value areas are constantly secure, and wireless systems in conjunction with a security guard will ensure that your property is monitored, safely and constantly.

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