The WASP Security System

A wireless security system that you can rely on

WASP Security SystemWith our commitment to employing the latest technology within our security arsenal, 4Front Security Ltd have invested heavily in the wireless WASP security system.

Web based wireless video security systems allow the fast and easy installation of cameras in problem areas otherwise difficult to cover by normal CCTV or other surveillance applications.

Using a wireless application service provider (WASP), the WASP security system is capable of instant alerts to a range of digital devices including smartphones. Providing a ten second video to control room or onsite security guard to verify the alert, the remote cameras can be operated, panned, tilted, or zoomed from any receiving device.

A cost-effective method for securing a range of differing sites ‘mobile sentries’ can be set-up, and relocated according to circumstances. Using a basic bucket with a three, four, five or six foot pole cemented in, the camera is affixed to the top and can be positioned anywhere on site. It is an ideal system where large expanses of open ground have to be covered by a single security guard. With an alert straight to his phone he can quickly ascertain and check the area of concern.

The Benefits

  • Completely Wireless

    No power source is required

  • Communicates Via PSTN Or GPRS

    Meaning easy integration with other systems

  • No Lighting Required

    Unit has external or internal IR integrated lamps

  • Low Cost

    Low initial costs to set the system up and low ongoing costs

  • Totally Portable

    Means the system can be moved to crime hotspots if required

  • Integrates With Other Alarm Systems

    Saves time and money to set up

  • A Range Of Monitoring Options

    Can be monitored via an alarm receiving centre (ARC), Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) or by an employee

wasp-processWASP – A Security Solution That Fits Anywhere

Becoming increasingly popular, the WASP wireless video security systems will fit anywhere. They are especially useful for cost effective cover in empty or remote buildings. Areas affected by vandalism, fly tipping problems, vehicle and animal compounds, storage buildings and tanks, schools and similar properties, and holiday homes which are empty can all be provided with efficient security measures using our WASP wireless security systems.

Battery operated with a battery life of up to four years, and with up to 24 cameras operating from the one system, a comprehensive, cost effective security surveillance system can be installed quickly and efficiently, including camera sentries whose positions can be regularly changed.

The Complete Wireless Security System

With fully integrated wireless cameras, sirens (optional), keypads and control panels our engineers can quickly install a cutting edge WASP security system which allows the best opportunity of intruder apprehension.

With its ease of installation, whether you believe there are employee pilfering problems, sabotage, intruder or vandalism problems, the system can be installed for short periods, as an enhancement to your existing system or as a full stand-alone system.

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Interested in a security system that delivers apprehensions instead of recording yesterday’s crimes?

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